Across the Lake to the Trees – Charles Bluett, Artist Choice

A few words from artist Charles Bluett on Across the Lake to the Trees… We are all so blessed to have this outdoor environment as part of our everyday lives.  The size of the skies, the ever-changing vegetation, and colors it affords us are amazing. Even the weather patterns in all their extremes and beauty, the… Read more »

Descending Sun – Margaret Gerding, Artist Choice

“There is a hill in Damariscotta, Maine that only once you reach the top can you see the salt bay on the other side,” shares Gerding.  “I often feel like the trees found here are sentries keeping watch over both sides of that hill, one visible and one a secret that needs to be guarded.”

Blue Current – Ellen Granter, Artist Choice

Ellen Granter is an iconic Maine Art Hill artist. Many travel each summer in hopes of finding that special piece of her work that completes, enhances, or sometimes, even starts a collection. The Choice Show has always provided this opportunity first thing, every summer. “I’m so delighted to have been asked to be in the… Read more »

Cape Porpoise Morning – Ingunn Milla Joergensen, Artist Choice

There is also an added benefit to having an artist who also lives here.  This benefit looks much like Cape Porpoise Morning, Joergensen’s Artist Choice piece for the show this year. To be able to share a piece of the place you call home in your home is truly a special treat.

Opinions Exchanged – Jeffrey Fitzgerald, Artist Choice

“This painting is of sand, branches, rocks and tiny new spring life proposed by brushstroke. It activates and energizes the canvas, but at the same time holds it together,” says Fitzgerald. “I use texture to conjure objects and then paint over texture to suggest an underneath.”