Another Crossing – Craig Mooney, Artist Choice

Craig Mooney has been a part of Maine Art for over ten years. Over the course of this time, many have fallen in love with his dreamy skies and landscapes that pull us into a world full of memories and wishes.  Yet recently, we have realized some of his best work lies beyond his horizons and in his figurative pieces.

Craig Mooney Opens at Maine Art

Mooney says, “In this time and age we are entering, people are looking for an escape. This new series of work offers that. My recent works are more romantic motifs. I want to give people a place to go for a bit of peace. Its that feeling found when spending time with a painting, then suddenly it captures you. It holds on, and you are there, even if only for a while. Its more than just seeing it, it is feeling it. The work has to be sincere.”

In the Studio – Time with Craig Mooney

When visiting Craig Mooney in Stowe, Vermont this generalization held true.  Craig has a fabulous space off a small gallery in Stowe.  It is large and bright, and has become more than just his space, but part of his process.  In the very center of his studio is a large rectangular table that holds his brushes and paint. No matter what it looks like to the outsider, it is organized chaos to him.

Behind the Painting – Custom Stretchers from Brickyard Enterprises

Brickyard Enterprises is located in Ferrisburgh, Vermont in the beautiful Champlain Valley. They are a small company run by Mike Poskas and his wife, Ann. They are also live about a half mile from Rebecca Kinkead.

Mike and Rebecca’s husband, Jaime hunt together. Knowing Mike was on furrow from his job as a commercial airline pilot, Jamie tossed a very random idea his way.

“When Jamie asked about making stretchers for Rebecca’s canvases, Mike was all in,” says his wife, Ann. “Then he promptly came home and researched what a stretcher was and how to make one.”

Art Walking in the Rain

Friday evening the streets of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport sparkled. The street lights and warmer than normal temperatures off-set Mother Nature’s attempt at washing out October’s Village Art Walk. Instead, we walked in the rain, celebrated a beautiful autumn, and enjoyed the company of artist, Craig Mooney.

Sunsets in the Marsh

The companion to Evening Sky is Quiet Haze. It has those same orange tones, but this time they are settled down and snuggled into the land. They have seeped into the waters and clouds and appear to mere remnants of what once was. As Evening Sky sings, Quiet Haze just whispers.

When It Was Summer

As much as we all celebrate this change of season, it is hard not to miss the summer. Days spent in bright sunshine, warm sand, and crashing waves fill our minds. Craig Mooney knows this all to well. He spent his summer with his wife and two year old daughter getting reacquainted with the seagulls and seaweed. It was a summer he too is not all that eager to forget. And so, in the midst of his show From A Distance, you will find Beach Day and Low Tide Strollers.