Spring Arrivals 2022 – Craig Mooney

Craig Mooney 2022 Spring Arrivals These are the four newest spring arrivals from artist Craig Mooney. We feature these four unique paintings this week, April 4 – 10. Click the link below to find the details on each of these pieces. Any or all of these paintings purchased this week are subject to free shipping*…. Read more »

Knowing When to Loosen Up – Artist Insights from Craig Mooney

When I was thinking about this new body of work, two things stood out initially. First, I was painting newer versions of much older, more abstracted pieces. Second, sometime after at least a decade of my work tightening up, I’m loosening up again. Corse brush strokes, less definition, a build-up of surfaces. It feels fresh again. 

Save the Date – Summer of 2021 Schedule for Maine Art Hill

The 2021 Summer Show Schedule is set, and we couldn’t wait to share the excitement with all of you. We know how quickly summer calendars fill up, so be sure to pencil us in.