Color and Detail – Artist Insights from Craig Mooney

“I have been pushing the boundaries of color,” shares artist Craig Mooney. “I am getting tired of grey paintings and grey skies. However, it has always been a challenge for me to be a creative colorist.”

“Some of my works in this show emphasize the strong colors in my palette, such as Prussian blue, Indian yellow, and alizarin crimson. There is a certain eclat, a sparkle, another French word,” says Mooney. “For many of these works, color is in my mind when these pieces are being created.”

When looking at Sumit Trail, you will find a looser brush stroke. It appears the paint has been applied very lithely, disregarding shape or proportion.

“I am always bouncing back and forth between a high level of definition to the other where it is loose. I use very wide brushes to convey a subject matter,” explains Mooney. “It forces the observer to distill what’s needed at that exact moment. The decision is made quickly as to what is not important.”

Sometimes the detail is necessary, so he returns with a palette knife or smaller brush to connect the piece to something broader.

“Generally, I do that with more abstraction,” shares Mooney. “However, when I tightly control it, greater meaning is attached.”


Again, Mooney’s 2023 Solo Show runs through Thursday, August 2. The Gallery at the Grand on Maine Art Hill can be found at 1 Chase Hill Road and is open from 10 AM to 6 PM daily.  FMI visit or call  207-967-2803.

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