Pop-Up with Adrienne Kernan LaVallee & Robin Swennes

May 4 – 19


Adrienne Kernan LaVallee & Robin Swennes

Shows on Maine Art Hill, 5 Chase Hill Rd Kennebunk

Two artists, two showings, ONE BIG POP-UP!

Join us in celebrating the work of local painters Adrienne Kernan LaVallee and Robin Swennes, beginning May 4 and running through May 19. There will be an Artists’ Reception on Saturday, May 4, from 4-6 PM at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. No RSVP is necessary. All are welcome! Enjoy libations and light bites and meet the artists.

Adrienne Kernan LaVallee

“As a painter, I use oil paint almost exclusively. I loved it at age three when I got into my father’s paints and saw the hardwood floor and my body as perfect vehicles for expression. If I close my eyes, I still hear my mother’s scream. That introduction has stayed with me. Today, I love pushing and pulling oil paint around my canvas. Expressive, abstract explorations of the landscape, particularly that of New England and Maine’s coast, excite me.”
“Being passionate about painting means working anywhere because a painter must paint. I have worked in old mills, borrowed studios, kitchens, corners of living and dining rooms, patios, spare bedrooms, garages, and tents! My dream studio was built in Lenox, MA, in 1994. But life has changed, and now I have two smaller studios. A winter studio in my well-lit basement and my current dream studio in a 14′ x 16′ high vaulted ceiling “she-shed” in my yard, where you’ll find me from April to the end of October.”

Robin Swennes

Robin Swennes - Biography

I used to draw chalk horses all over my neighborhood streets in Long Island, NY. My ‘Art Epiphany’ occurred the day I was sent to my room for some childhood infraction. Forced to consider my bad behavior, I leafed through a book on Walt Disney and found myself compelled to draw the vividly colored characters of Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck. I was transported to another world and did not know how many hours had passed. When I emerged, I had several illustrations that amazed my parents and even moved my young, entrepreneurial friend, Stacy, to attempt to sell them to our neighbors for 25 cents apiece. (I got my first taste of how hard it was to sell art that week!)

After college, I found my way into a graphics/advertising job, where I learned about graphic production, design, and color correction. I also did illustrations for ad campaigns, educational books, and other miscellaneous projects. A highlight was when I was commissioned by Tom’s of Maine to hand paint a pair of Converse sneakers for the owner of the company, Tom Chappell. Later, I thought I was on my way to fame when I saw my illustrations printed on some local Cable trucks, as I chased the truck in my car to take photos to prove my newfound notoriety.

My husband and I now live in that house in the middle of a six-acre field that used to be a dairy farm. Designing the house and everything in it was the best project I’ve ever had because every day of the creation process was simultaneously taxing, thrilling, and satisfying. Nowadays, I get inspiration for my paintings from daily walks by local farms, farmers’ markets, and nature in general. I see graphic design elements in so many places that I also bring them into my compositions.

Whether my artwork hangs on walls, becomes a piece of furniture, or ends up on the side of a truck, my life will continue to be about exercising my creative mind and feeding my ever-hungry artistic soul.

For more info about Swennes and her work, follow this link to her website. www.designchoc.com


So come on in and join us! The show runs from May 4 to May 19. Adrienne Kernan LaVallee and Robin Swennes will be at the Artist Reception on Saturday, May 4, from 4 to 6 PM at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. Again, all are welcome!