Lyman Whitaker and Whitaker Studio – 10 Years with Maine Art

It’s been ten years since John Spain, owner of Maine Art, first saw Lyman Whitker’s copper Wind Sculptures. It’s been ten years since conversation began with Stacy Christiansen, Whitaker’s wife and business partner. It’s been ten years since the amazing kinetic sculpture garden began greeting all who visit the Kennebunks. Ten years— it is time to celebrate.

Blossoming at Maine Art

After last week’s winter storm, we have our fingers crossed that spring is truly on her way. Soon the grass will be green, and the branches on the trees will succumb to that lovely glow of new growth. Once spring has started, she usually rolls right along, which means the flowers are sure to follow. These are our favorite signs of the season here at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, and the favorite of many of our artists, as well.

What’s Up with the Wind Sculptures!?

Last week, Maine Art had the chance to get up close and personal with Whitaker Studios. Not only were we able to see the studio and peek at the process, but we also spent some time with the staff. Thanks to a quick stop in St. Louis and a serious freezer stocking of Pappy’s BBQ, we treated to a rib feed and caught up with the personal and professional side of the studio. They are a dedicated, hardworking, and incredibly talented bunch.

Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures

It is difficult not to feel overwhelmed and in awe when standing in the middle of the Wind Forest that is the front yard of Maine Art. The size and spectrum of the sculptures alone is incredible. The air moves as they spin in complete silence. Of course, the next notion that immediately comes to mind, “I want one.” We will warn you, once you have one, the need for another comes soon.