Blue Current – Ellen Granter, Artist Choice

Blue Current by Ellen Welsh Granter

Ellen Granter is an iconic Maine Art Hill artist. Many travel each summer in hopes of finding that special piece of her work that completes, enhances, or sometimes, even starts a collection. The Choice Show has always provided this opportunity first thing, every summer.

“I’m so delighted to have been asked to be in the Choice Show again. It is always an honor to be represented alongside the wonderful artists who also participate,” shares Granter, “and with this year’s Maine Art Hill Scholarship fundraising component, it makes it a winning combination in a new way.”

Every year, Ellen delights and surprises us with her new work. With a focus on what lies, or in this case floats, on this side of the horizon, we are treated to colors and subjects the welcome summer to our walls.

“This year, my submissions for this show are an extension of last year’s strand of ideas, boats, sailboats mostly,” shares Granter. “The new compositions, however, are skewed toward a more geometric grid I see when I start painting the sailboats; masts, booms, cross braces, waterlines, horizon lines, and reflections. These form the regular straight-line patterns, but then the organic parts, the color gradients of clouds and water currents add an irregularity which messes up the static pattern.”

Granter loves the colors of Maine harbors, muted blues, grays, and whites, then the pops of neon that come with the mooring buoys and lobster pots. “My Artist’s Choice is this year is Blue Current. It has the simplicity of design added to by the atmosphere of a blue on blue summer’s day, another winning combination,” laughs Granter. “I hope.”

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