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Patrick Harrison was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in October of 1989. He moved to Lyman, Maine with his parents and younger sister when he was seven and has lived in Maine, for the most part, ever since. It is at this same home in Lyman that Patrick and his new husband, Charley, are working to create a sustainable living retreat.
Harrison says, “I consider myself a ‘Mainer,’ even though some might disagree depending on the definition. Regardless, I have a serious love for the state that ‘raised me,’ and a passion and dedication to all things Maine.”
In 2012, Patrick graduated from New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH earning his BFA in Illustration.  With a successful senior show, he attempted to make it in “The Big City.” However, he quickly grew homesick for the beautiful landscapes and slower lifestyle of his home state.
“I am an artist. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, dipping my fingers in many artistic pies. From jewelry to traditionally hand-bound books to folding origami. Creating is where I am happiest,” says Harrison. “I have dabbled with oils, acrylic, assemblage and a myriad of other mediums, in addition to my wheelhouses of watercolor and digital.”
While the bulk of his work could be considered illustration, he also has plenty of other artistic expressions. As a creator, he understands the value in exploring outside of his comfort zone.
“Because I’ve experienced many of the techniques and themes found here at Maine Art in my own journey as an artist, I am able to better help someone understand a painting or sculpture. This process is circular, working in the gallery also enhances my own artistic abilities.”
In addition to his love of art in all its forms, he is a hiker and an avid gardener, including the Japanese art of shaping miniature trees, commonly known as bonsai. He is a die-hard bibliophile with a library that exceeds the hundreds and is constantly growing. He is a lover of all things fantasy and happily considers himself a “nerd.”  He loves art books, spicy foods, a rainy day spent reading and learning new meditation techniques.
Patrick is also an aspiring fantasy and science-fiction novelist focusing on creating a broader spectrum of protagonists in the genre. Particularly in concern to LGBT representation. His self-published debut novel “Quiet Courage” has traveled to six other countries and is sold in bookstores throughout the state.
With the anticipation of his third show season with Maine Art, Patrick says,  “The biggest draws for me in coming here were the exceptional variety and talent of the artists Maine Art represents and the incredible work environment. One of my favorite things about working here is how we all really feel like a work family. Everyone wants to know what the other is doing outside of work and genuinely cares about the well-being of their co-workers. It’s that kind of camaraderie and environment that always stands out to me as a really good place to work.”
He considers himself lucky to have worked in a few places with this kind of mentality but has found Maine Art to be the best union of this with his education and passion for all things art.
Patrick Harrison
You can normally find Patrick at the main gallery “down the hill”. However, with the new project of Maine Art Hill, he will be sharing his time showcasing artwork at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture or this summer behind the counter at Maine Art Prints and Framing on Maine Art Hill.  Please check the website for current hours when planning a visit to the Kennebunkport area.
***You can learn more about “Quiet Courage” and it’s upcoming sequel “Quiet Grace” by visiting his website: And some of the artwork from his novel will be on display during the Portland Art Walk on March 3, 2017. Details here.
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    Looking forward to seeing you at various events at the gallery, bring on the warm weather!