The Painted Words of William B. Hoyt – A One-Man Show

Hoyt_Spirits of the Water

Artists have been traveling to coastal Maine for decades, each trying to capture the beauty of the land and waters bordering it. William B. Hoyt is an artist who not only knows and loves this area, but works and plays here frequently.  Each of his canvases have an almost photographic quality. This attention to detail forces the viewer to lean in closer to experience every facet that forms the whole and becomes classic Maine.

Hoyt says, “There is a challenge and a joy in seeing something ineffably beautiful or moving and resolving to make a painting of it. The threads of the canvas, the sea, family, friends and Maine have woven themselves inextricably into my psyche and my work.”

Hoyt has always been an artist. He is one of few who haven’t ever been anything else. His medium may change from oils on canvas, to film or digital photography, or even to hammer and wood when he built his home and studio in Vermont. The need to create is always there, especially during the summer, and especially when he is in Maine.

“When summer is here, it means en plein air; being outside and finding the next fascination. I spend my winters with studio work. Summer is about inspiration and collection,” says Hoyt.  “Sometimes I go looking, often early in the morning before setting sail for the next harbor, or toward the end of the day after we anchor and the harsh light softens. Other times a subject recommends itself unsolicited with the realization that a painting is staring me in the face.”

Hoyt_Whale Boats

An artist sees the world through different eyes, and it is rare to find Hoyt without his camera close at hand. He is always collecting moments and has trouble not stopping to at each scene with the possibility it may someday be committed to paint. “Images are everywhere,” he says. “Some wonder if my need to stop and snap ever gets in the way. I can’t help but find that funny. It doesn’t get in the way; it is the way.”

Hoyt is a wanderer and an adventurer. He has been fortunate in his life to be able to find and create and reproduce the beauty around him. He has more stories to tell than most and remembers them in details as vibrant as his canvases.

John Spain, owner of Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture and Maine Art Shows, explains the fusion of Hoyt’s story with his art, “I have been very fortunate to have had the unique experience of visiting Wimby’s home and studio. It is truly an insight. Where most have photographs of people and memories, he and his wife Kathy have paintings. On top of that, each and every one has a story that can only be told by the master storyteller himself.”


In an attempt to truly share the man behind the art, we have coupled each of Hoyt’s pieces with his memories, inspirations, and words of insight. These stories highlight his work and share his thoughts. In addition, Hoyt has added private studies and family sketches (not for sale) to this one-of-a-kind show.


William B. Hoyt’s show opens at Maine Art Shows on Saturday, August 13, running through Monday, September 5.  As always, we will have an Artist’s Reception from 5-7 PM on opening night. This will provide a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with the artist himself. The show can be viewed on our website beginning Wednesday, August 10, at

There will also be No Sales Sneak Peek on Friday, August 12, during The Village Art Walk.  Please wander up and enjoy a glass of wine and a quieter time to talk with the artist.

Maine Art Shows, located at 10 Chase Hill Road,  is open daily from 11 AM to 5 PM. FMI call 207-967-0049.

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