Meet the Staff – Donna Speirs

“The day I closed on my house in Hampstead, NH, I went to Foxwoods Casino. Isn’t that on the way to Kennebunk? Anyway, I sat next to a wonderful woman for over three hours. She was from Kennebunk, and one of the owners of Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture. It only took me five years before I made it into the gallery to see Francesca again,” says Speirs, “and I’m still here.”

Meet the Staff – Patrick Harrison

In 2012, Patrick graduated from New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH earning his BFA in Illustration. With a successful senior show, he attempted to make it in “the big city”. However, he quickly grew homesick for the beautiful landscapes and slower lifestyle of his home state.

Meet the Staff – Trisha Winslow

Trisha Winslow came to Maine Art quite by accident. She didn’t apply or submit a resume or even inquire about an open position. She just wandered down the stairs from the second floor and found a quiet niche that suited her. That was three years ago. Now, she is the voice behind our blog and the face behind the desk at Maine Art Shows.

Meet the Staff

Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are very much small towns. We are referred to as ‘a friendly coastal village’, and we try to live up to that reputation. Most of us have been here for a bit, and plan on sticking around for a while longer. For those who have visited before, we pride ourselves on recognizing faces, calling folks by name, and often asking about family and winter’s news.

The Beauty and Brains Behind Maine Art

As the owner of Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, John Spain is the first to admit to all the work and hours that go into making a gallery a success. However, he is also the first to point out that the business would not be where it is today without the dedication and talent two women put in year round. Amy Lewia, Gallery Director, and Natalie Lane, Gallery Manager are an integral part of Maine Art.