Array – Ellen Welch Granter, Artist Choice

“Maine colors, Maine patterns, and Maine atmospheres—whether in high summer season or in the quieter offseason, they keep bringing me back,” says Ellen Welch Granter, one of thirteen artists in the 8th Annual Choice Show at Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk.

Granter has been with Maine Art Hill for years and has become “classic” amongst our clients and visitors, especially during the Choice Art Show. Her rendering of New England waters and coastlines make her work the perfect, especially her Artist Choice, Array.

Array is a pared down interpretation of the view looking up the river as it passes through Kennebunkport near the beach,” shares Granter. “There were lots of other things to paint in the view – land, docks, houses, and sailboats for example, but I liked the pattern of these whites in the river’s current.”

The muted blues and pops of color express peace and tranquility found while taking in the beautiful views from land. She filters out the surroundings, which she claims she is not detail-oriented enough to tackle.

“I highlight parts, such as buoys or abstracted boat shapes, that for me offer the reason for painting in the first place, the colors, patterns, and atmospheres,” shares Granter, “especially Maine colors, Maine patterns, and Maine atmospheres. Whether in high summer season or in the quieter offseason, they keep bringing me back.”

Granter offered a variety of subjects this time around for the Choice Show. Her style and color signify its a “Granter,” but it’s lovely to have so many classic coastal themes to choose from.

“As long as they keep making blue paint,” laughs Granter,  “I’ll be alright!”

Granter has three works at Shows on Maine Art Hill for the 8th Annual Choice Art Show.  The Choice Show can be seen every day from 10 am to 5 pm at the 10 Chase Hill Road address, as well as online at The 8th Annual Choice Art Show.

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