Boats and Buoys  – Artist insights from Ellen Welch Granter

Ellen Welch Granter’s new collection of moored sailboats and their mooring buoys is hanging at The Gallery at 14 Western Ave. Along with three other talented artists, Remsen, Witbeck, & Peterson, this is a show inspired by the sea.

Off Season

“Though our subjects come from a similar source, the results diverge toward four very different places,” explains Granter. “My images evolve from my own experiences and are not about fine details, such as ship rigging, but rather, the geometry, symmetry, and harmony of the floating boats and buoys.”

This collection includes a grid-like batch of small buoy paintings on square panels. There is also an array of medium-sized to more extensive works. The largest painting, The Beach Buoys, is the central piece of the show.

The Beach Buoys

“A loose gradient of vibrant blue shades creates the floating ocean where five white mooring buoys make an abstract pattern into the distance. My boats evoke a sense of peace and calmness. Whether they are in the fog, in the sun, or a busy harbor, their curvy lines and sense of possibility are always an invitation to paint.” says Granter. “Most of these paintings are also on panels, with only a few touches of gold leaf. I have finally gotten that need for bling out of my system, I think.”


Alpha Bravo Charlie

The titles for these works mostly come from the U.S. Navy phonetic alphabet. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc. Granter went this route mostly just because the names seemed to fit. However, she is also happy to take applications from anyone who wants the job of titling my next batch more poetically.

Granter’s new works are featured on the first floor at The Gallery on Maine Art Hill at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk until September 26. However, you can always find a large selection of Granter’s work year-round. There is also a lovely collection of Granter prints at the print gallery at 5 Chase Hill Rd.

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