Change – Artist Insights from Three Local Artists

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

We change as time moves, as people grow, and places adapt. As this change moves through our country, community, and ourselves, people often find that change is a way to see more of yourself and what you love.

This is true for all three artists currently showing at Shows on Maine Art Hill. When asked about this new body of work, Jill Matthews, Liz Hoag, and Kathy Ostrander Roberts use the word change in their description of how and why this work was created.

Trying something new is always a risk for an artist especially when the “old” is working well.

“Over the year, I have concentrated on adding more layers and experimented with encaustic oil sticks and new colors,” shares Kathy Ostrander Roberts. “I have stepped out of my comfort zone on a few pieces.”

For Kathy, it was color and more layers. Of course, color also came into play with Jill Matthews, but for her, there was more than that. She found an excellent way to work the new in with the old, providing a little “push” of the classic Jill Matthews work we all love.

“This show is full of new work. I did work with bolder colors celebrating fresh spring greens and vibrant clear blues seen on those clear days. However, there are still many foggy classic Maine vibes,” shares Matthews. “It may be a direct result of the talented women I knew I would be sharing this space with, but this is the first time I have pushed my work a bit more. I found myself testing my limits and baby-stepping out of my comfort zone. These are the first steps toward a new, evolving Jill Matthews. I have just scratched the surface with this body of work. There will be more.”

While Matthews stepped out of her comfort zone, Liz Hoag snuggled into hers.

“I’ve been taking more and more long walks this spring, and many of my new paintings have come out of these walks,” says Hoag. “Walking gives me time out of the house, time with my thoughts, and time to look around at the simple beauty around me.”

Regarding change, Hoag is finding the change outside the world has reminded her that she can retreat to herself and her craft to find the peace she needs.


“Presently, there is quite a bit of change in my world. However, painting as a job is perfect because it’s one of the few things not changing. Due to this, I can keep growing and evolving with what I produce but still rely on my ability to go to the studio and create. It helps balance me,” says Hoag. “Painting has helped keep me balanced during change.”

For all three women, their jobs have provided a vehicle for what they need to grow and learn and find peace. This show exudes these feelings as one walks through each room. Whether you do this physically or virtually, this is a show not to be missed.

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We hope to see you at some point during what is slated to be truly fabulous.