Creating in Perfect Time – Artist Insight from Bethany Harper Williams

Artist Bethany Harper Williams captures classic coastal settings in a way that leaves quite a bit to the imagination and the memory. She establishes a scene you have witnessed and more often been a part of.

“I am always looking for the abstract in nature – removing the details and using the large spaces to play with shapes, patterns, and colors,” says Williams. “I stay loose, not trying to recreate a specific place or person but to capture a moment or a memory. The viewer connects by relating to their memory.”

If there is one word to describe the work of Williams, it is joy. It is simple and real.  We hear it often as clients walk through the galleries, and she also hears it.

“People often tell me my work is happy or that it makes them smile. That is truly a reflection of me,” shares Williams. “I am in my happy place when I am painting, especially when I am painting memories of Maine.”

Many visitors also comment or question the completion time of a piece of work. Depending on the show, each artist changes this answer, which is often fluid. However, Williams has the perfect answer to this ongoing wondering.

“When asked about time spent on each canvas, I like to say it has taken me forty years of practice and experience to create each piece. This is true of pieces I’m proud of and still true of the ones that never make it, ” says Williams. “But honestly, time is something I’m never aware of when I’m painting. I often have multiple canvases at various stages on the go at once. Whenever I’m painting, I’m in my zone and lose all sense of time.”

There is still time to see this amazing show. The entire gallery exudes happiness and joy, and fun. Between Williams and the colorful characters of David Witbeck, it is hard not to smile while visiting. We look forward to seeing you. Remember, both artists are represented year-round at The Gallery on 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk.



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