Ellen Granter – Three Views of Maine

Ten Artists. Three Pieces Each. Thirty Reasons to Celebrate.

Ten of our well-loved artists delivered three pieces of never before shown work adding up to 30 paintings celebrating thirty years in the business.

Here is what artist Ellen Granter had to say about her part in this amazing show.

“When choosing three images for this show, I thought of how variable any day in Maine can be. Crystal clear, sunny, and hot one day, then foggy and mysterious the next. So I decided all three of my submissions could be beach-based and still represent how I see Maine.”

Getting to the Point

Getting to the Point is about that feeling I get when walking on the beach. When I am absorbed in my thoughts, the ocean becomes a field of blue, the sand just a field of gray, and the beach houses are little cubes on the horizon. The sun glints gold and the curve of the beach is the only geography there is. Heaven.”


“In “Tonic,” I tried to capture a glimpse of the view I  get when approaching the beach. I tried to show the peaceful anticipation of the “tonic” of the ocean air.”

The Gab

“The Gab” shows my love for the vibrant colors and patterns of beach chairs, towels, summer clothes, and my crazy wonderful family trying to solve all the world’s problems at once.”



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