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“As I continue exploring what I can do with acrylics and collage, I’ve expanded my materials to include found papers, posters, maps, flyers, brochures, adverts, birthday cards, fortune cookies, and other found, saved, and collected papers,” shares artist Ryan Kohler. “You name it.”

Some of the materials Kohler uses were from when he was in high school and worked for a local record shop. The store had promo posters or cardstock adverts in the windows for new albums or movies to be released.

“The crew and I had first dibs on anything we wanted, so my bedroom walls were always covered with many pop culture references,” says Kohler. “Last year, my wife and I moved into our forever home. As we were unpacking, I came across an old tote with all my high school stuff, and all these colorful materials became a treasure trove of collage materials. All my old stuff suddenly had a new purpose.”

 These papers are used in abstract ways. Little unrecognizable bits of color is ultimately what he is after, but they are found in sometimes unlikely places.

“There is a particular color red of a Green Day promo background for their album in 2004 or a section of a purple gradation on Prince’s leg while playing guitar in a magazine clipping from the same era,” explains Kohler. “Then there is the colorful reflection of colors in Ray Charles’ sunglasses on the poster promo for the movie “Ray” that came out in 2005. I can’t list it all here. I hung onto some pretty random things.”

Each of Kohlers new works is a plethora of memorabilia best witnessed in person. His Summer Solo Show runs until September 8. Open every day at 10 am. Please visit.


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