Fall Favorites 2023 Week 1

Welcome to Fall Favorites – Week One

Ellen Granter, Kathy Ostrander Roberts, and Mark Davis


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Remember,  from October 1 to November 20, we are hanging all the Fall Favorites as a show in the Show Gallery at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk.

Ellen Granter

Sparrow Moment – 12×12
Grass Sand Ocean Sky – 20×20
Garden Security System – 20×20
Path to the Beach – 16×16
Crimson and Cherry – 20×20
Layers of Summer – 20×20

What do I love about it? I love the possibilities of a few new tubes of paint, a handful of good brushes, a blank canvas, and the glimmer of what I hope might be a promising idea. Of course, then comes the hard work, all the decisions. Pale or dark? Thick or thin? Loose or tight? Flat or dimensional? Edges? Patterns? Lines? Textures? Shadows? Each painting is the accumulated result of a thousand decisions. What is my process? Don’t ask me; I only know that I love being up to my elbows in it. – Ellen W. Granter


Kathy Ostrander Roberts

Ode to Claire – 8×8
Porpoise Song – 10×10
Sequin Harbor – 8×8
Shore Walk – 8×10
Yet Unnamed – 24×24

My goal is to represent the essence of Maine coastal waters in encaustic painting by capturing scenes from the coastline of Southern Maine and translating them into vibrant representations of movement and color. Through layering and sculpting of the medium, I create depth and intrigue. I hope to spark memories and longings for Maine’s rugged shores in the hearts and eyes of the viewers.


Mark Davis

Afternoons by the Shore – 9x12x6
An Angel in the Garden – 13x16x16
Standing Guard – 5x6x6 Sterling Silver

Through abstract shapes, I play with the concepts of space and relationship. My ideas come from organic life, the human form, and the external landscape while deeply reflecting my internal landscape and dialogue. The work is playful, joyful, and constantly changing; that is how I see and experience life in all its complexities.


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