Fall Favorites 2023 Week 5

Welcome to Fall Favorites – Week Five

Janis H. Sanders, Ingunn Milla Joergensen,

and Lee Gordon


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Remember,  from October 1 to November 20, we are hanging all the Fall Favorites as a show in the Show Gallery at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk.


Janis H. Sanders

Sunset Trees Oil on Canvas 10×10
Beach Roses Beach 12×12
Seashore Roses 12×12
Shore View 12×12

I try to convey that moment of joy and presence through the scenes of my paintings without the intention of nostalgia or sentimentality. I realize, though, that those elements are inherent in those ancient subjects, giving our imaginations a bit of free reign to roam. I wonder who has lived and worked here and how their lives were along the way, how different and how the same as yours and mine.

Ingunn Milla Joergensen

Nest #2 10×10
From the Green House 20×20
Nest #2 10×10
For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with texture and aging objects, particularly simple everyday things with stories that are as important to me as the object itself.

Lee Gordon

Marsh View VIII, Blown Glass, 10" X 7.5"
Marsh View VIII | Blown Glass | 10″ X 7.5″
Marsh View VII, Blown Glass, 9.75" X 9.5"
Marsh View VII | Blown Glass | 9.75″ X 9.5″
Algae Rhythm V, Blown Glass, 10" X 8"
Algae Rhythm V | Blown Glass | 10″ X 8″
Touchstone Series 23 #8, Blown Glass, 5.5" X 3.5"
Touchstone Series 23 #8 | Blown Glass | 5.5″ X 3.5″


Sculpting hot glass is a pursuit that takes patience and perseverance. The connection I feel between mind, body, and the nature of glass challenges me to explore the medium with each piece I create. The act of glassblowing is meditative for me.


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