Heather Blanton’s Special Surfers – Artist Choice for 9th Annual Choice Show 2020

Special Surfers is an aerial view of my vision of Gooch’s Beach in Kennebunk. I tried to show the fun by doing a birds-eye view of this amazing event,” shares Heather Blanton. “I wanted a piece that was Kennebunk centric as Maine Art Hill is really a Maine core gallery. It was my hope to bring a special part of Maine into a piece for the Choice Show.”
Special Surfers holds a very special place in the heart of many folks not only in the Kennebunk but around New England. With a boatload of volunteers and normally over 300 participants, Special Surfers allows a special kind of human to experience surfing and the ocean in a way they never could before. See the links below to find out more about Special Surfers and volunteer if you can.
“I have been a volunteer for this event for the last two years,” says Trisha Winslow from Maine Art Hill. “There are no words to describe it, you must experience it to understand the impact.”
Blanton happens to be at the gallery right before one of the three  Special Surfer events last summer. Winslow shared the concept and then later many details and photos.  “It’s impossible not to hear about this organization and not get excited,” says Blanton.
This piece, however,  is more about energy than actual sports. When a viewer leans in, the details of each surfboard, holding a special surfer, surrounded by the support of the volunteers. “I feel as if I am trying to convey the spirit of the event taking place rather than an actual representative image,” explains Blanton.  “I like lines and geometry and playing with symmetry and asymmetrical balance.”
To learn more about Heather Blanton use the links below

About Special Surfers


Any child or young adult that has special needs (physical, mental, or emotional) is welcome to come.  Please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.  If you feel like your child or young adult is a good candidate, bring us your special SuperSurfer!