How It Happens – Artist Insights from Janis Sanders

“The painting experience is a process in its truest and simplest sense. In this case, give, assess, and give again,” says artist Janis Sanders. ” In some instances, nearly simultaneously, an action of small gestures, each often unintentionally, perhaps subconsciously or instinctually, setting the stage for the next gesture, stage, step, or action.”

For Sanders, painting is an activity of spontaneous concentration, feedback at its finest, with split-second fraction instinctive decision-making and stop-on-a-dime attentiveness contrasted and integrated with full-force steaming ahead paint application in large swaths of full tilt ahead.

“Sometimes, painting is the tiniest, thinnest streak or dot of the correct color of paint that completes a painting. Emotion is the finishing touch that finalizes and completes my visual symphony of colors,” says Sanders. “The excitement of the interaction of colors and relationships forming in front of my eyes as the painting develops is the driver and the reins that allow steerage. All this is in a process that largely drives itself as it comes through. I am largely, and  often simply, an instrument of the formulation.”

The show opened on Saturday, August 19, at 10 AM at Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. This show runs for almost a month, ending September 6. All are welcome.

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 ARTIST INSIGHTS – Janis H. Sanders.