Insights from Artist Karen Bruson 2021

We love it when artists share the little details of the paintings they create for a show. It’s a true privilege to have a bit of an inside scoop on the process and the inspiration.  We love these words from Karen Bruson regarding her present works at Shows on Maine Art Hill.
“It’s a Beautiful Life and End of Day were inspired by the view from my home,” shares Bruson. “My house sits on top of a big hill allowing me to observe the most amazing sunsets. It is so lovely to live inside your inspiration.”
It's a Beautiful Life End of Day
Bruson is quickly becoming known for her amazing beach scenes, and this show features some of her best. “There’s vibrating energy on a beach full of people,” she explains. “The splashes of color, shapes and sounds you see in The Good Life resonate with me. I feel rooted in the overstimulation of it all.”
A Good Life
Cows seem to have a special place in the hearts of many Maine Art Hill artists. Bruson is no exception. “My closest encounter with a cow was at a state fair when I was five. She licked my whole face from bottom to top. I was most surprised by the rough texture of her tongue and thought it most bold of her.,” Bruson remembers. “This memory came flooding back when Have You Herd was created.”
Have You Herd
“I’m a painter of objects. So when my painting buddy brings me to a marsh, I struggle for a focal point and complain there’s nothing to paint,” says Bruson. “However, the egret is one of the most beautiful subjects of all.  When she appeared, so did Not Your Average Bird.”
Not Your Average Bird
When viewing Get Ready and Follow Me you are taking a peek at how and where Bruson was raised. “Growing up within driving distance to the ocean provided me with so many wet, sandy and joyful days,” she shares. “These lifelong views are always a part of me and my work.”
Get Ready Follow Me
For Bruson, the beach would not be complete without the symphony of squawking seagulls and the scattering of sandpipers.  Therefore neither would one of her art shows.  Adding in Busy Birds, Wait For Me, and This Gull Walks Into A Bar, was a must.
“Finally, Red Flag which is a diptych, I had to include it in this show,” she says. “I’ve been tumbled and humbled by many a wave and know many of the visitors to the gallery can appreciate and have had a similar experience, often more than once.”
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