Its All About the Connection – Artist Insights from Lyn Asselta

“Painting in Maine offers me the unique opportunity to gather ideas from my everyday life here on the coast and also from fond memories of growing up here,” shares artist Lyn Asselta.


Asselta is new to Maine Art Hill and is already making a huge splash. Her pastels are clear and crisp and capture the many sides of Maine.
“Maine is where, at a very early age, I first understood the power of a landscape, and now it’s the place I’ve returned to after experiencing life for many years in very different environments,” says Asselta.
For her, painting involves a significant effort to infuse even the simplest objects, maybe a rock or a tree, with as much emotion as possible.
“It’s important to find ways to understand the intrinsic connection I feel to the landscape around me and to try to recreate that connection so that someone who views my work can feel it, too,” she says. “When I paint, the connections I form in real-time, whether because I’m painting en plein air or because II’mdiscovering a place that warrants some photographic documentation or notes in my sketchbook, are often bolstered by those childhood memories of days spent playing in tide pools or climbing on rocks or laying in the grass watching big clouds float through impossibly blue skies.”


Those memories are a significant part of what makes Asselta continue to “see” this coastal world with a bit of mystery and magic, and she truly enjoys sharing that through her work.


Inclined, 24 x 36, pastel on Ampersand pastelbord, 03082023 final version
Please visit all the galleries at Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. We are open from 10 am to 5 pm daily. Asselta’s show runs until June 21. If you can’t make it to Kennebunk, check out the show virtually.