Janis Sanders – Three Views of Maine

Ten Artists. Three Pieces Each. Thirty Reasons to Celebrate.

Ten of our well-loved artists delivered three pieces of never before shown work adding up to 30 paintings celebrating thirty years in the business.

Here is what artist Janis Sanders had to say about his part in this amazing show.

“Funny, you’re evolving even when you think you’re not. Each step is the destination. There is nothing bigger, grander. Color is the fundamental, basic, and utmost expression in the tangible visual form of emotion.”

Beacon Rocks

“Gentle waves roll and lap at the rocks where the lighthouse light, in peril itself, though standing firm, has illuminated homeward for countless seafarers in what can turn into a fearsome sea.”

Delicate Balance

“Watch sunlight yellow dance tango on an indigo wave.   Watch seagulls float free, suspended weightless on invisible air.  Hear the call on the wind. So wild. Maine takes me by the hand and gently, quietly reaches in, touches my heart, my soul, tantalizing, whispering, seducing.  She knows me, owns me.”

Farmhouse Lupines

“A pastoral seaside farm, fields laden with lupines, a low tide sand beach, and an open invitation for a warm summer afternoon stroll suggest an idyllic life, belie a knuckle-wrenching determination of will surmount the challenges and of survival at the coast.”


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