Less is So Much More – Artist Insights from Jill Matthews

“I want to show less so we can see more,” says artist Jill Matthews.

This is the perfect description for her new works for her summer show. 

“My paintings have always been a representation of how I interpret the world,” Matthews explains. “My pieces hint at an exaggeration of simplicity. The process is often a removal of unnecessary elements, leaving strength to what remains.”


Matthews has always had a calm and peacefulness about her paintings. However, her recent works have taken the feeling to a level where simplicity gives these emotions breath.


“This process and the “why” of how I approach my work has never become more apparent to me, especially given the current times,” says Matthews. 

Narrowing down what is essential, what can stand alone without distractions.

“When the extra fades into the distance, it allows something stronger to move forward into clarity,” she says. “Often, we have to quiet the noise to truly see.”

Jill’s new work is available at 10 Chase Hill Road at the Show Gallery. Sales begin on August 8 at 10 am. 

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