Liz Hoag and Lyn Asselta Kick Off Summer on Maine Art Hill


May 27 – June 21

Artist Receptions May 27, 5–7 pm

5 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk, Maine 04043

Memorial Weekend is traditionally the kick-off to summer in Maine. But, for Maine Art Hill, it marks the beginning of its Summer Show Season. And what a season it is going to be.

It all begins on Saturday, May 27, at the newly located show galleries at 5 Chase Hill Road. They open their doors for not one but two new shows. Local female artists Liz Hoag and Lyn Asselta are celebrating side by side from May 27 to June 21 with an Artists’ Reception from 5-7 pm on Saturday, May 27. Both women recreate  Maine as they see it in different but beautiful ways.

Liz Hoag, who paints in acrylic, features more of the inland beauty of this area. Steams, brooks, and enchanting woods have all inspired this Portland artist. Each piece of Hoag’s work features nature and light interacting to provide a new and different perspective on the everyday surroundings of the natural world. Mother Nature often illuminates her creations in a way only a few stop notice. Hoag is one of those few.

“When I walk in the woods and look around at the quiet, there is a sense of peace. It’s not just the surrounding trees that dampen nearby civilization’s sounds, but the light and color also make the space quiet,” Hoag explains. “The warm light sifting through the trees, the colors of early morning or late afternoon, and the cool blues and browns of the path all come together to create that tranquility. At any time, even at midday, with the bright light washing away some of the colors, the balance of the forest’s trees, branches, light, and dark still creates calm.”

In that same breath, when artist Lyn Asselta ponders what inspires her, it is images of fields of Queen Anne’s Lace and old farmhouses on hills, waves crashing against rock and fog obscuring shorelines, the sun setting over golden marshes and silhouetting ancient oaks, mist on the distant hills in the morning are living in her memory with a sense of timelessness and endless possibilities.

“I have always found myself drawn to locations with a rugged, solitary strength, places with untold stories, and places where I can lose myself in the nature surrounding me,” says Asselta. “Pastel, as a medium, seems to be a perfect metaphor for my relationship to these landscapes… vibrant, expressive, exuberant, and tactile. The pastels allow me to hold a piece of color in my hand and capture the essence of the wild, untouched beauty I find in the world.”

If you are searching for a small piece of this lovely landscape these two ladies call home, visit Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk. These simultaneous shows run from May 27 to June 21 at the show galleries at 5 Chase Hill Road, with an Artists’ Reception from 5-7 pm on Saturday, May 27. Open every day at 10 am. FMI call 207-967-2803



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