Marta Spendowska – A New Artist at The Works on Maine Art Hill

Marta Spendowska is a Polish-born, New Hampshire seacoast-based, American artist and illustrator. She currently works from her Artists of Salmon Falls studio in Rollingsford, NH and happily resides by the ocean, soaking up its every drop on summers and paints outdoors to breathe the New England landscape onto paper.  Her work currently hangs in The Works gallery which is part of Studios on Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk, Maine.

Currently, Marta works in two series, Gold Wetlands, abstract landscapes, which you will find at The Works gallery, and Bloomlands, abstract flora. She loves both with the same intensity.

“The Wetlands series come from my heart, directly,” says Marta. “The paintings are an extension cord to and of my yearly travels to Poland. The Bałtyk Sea is also, or mostly, a place of transcending the past. It’s where I hang out with my old self, revisit topics of belonging and lose – or sometimes gain – time.” For this artist, these works touch on the parents/daughter relationship, on becoming a child again and visiting the sea which cures her oversensitive body and spirit when she needs it.

This Land, The Anchor To My Heart The Mighty Heart of Loving Bits in Everything

“I work with water-based materials because they are immediately responsive. They remind me that life does not allow for ‘do-overs’,” she shares.  “The only certain thing is here, now.” The fluidity of her materials allows Marta to be spontaneous and curious which is essential to crafting a painting or series of paintings. “There is nothing better than a drop of water with paint merging into it,” shares Marta.

Living on the coast of New England now, this place has become her most cherished medicine. “The wind, the sand, the water, no matter how cold, the ocean, like a God Mother, nourishes,” explains Marta. “The touch of gold on my paintings serves as an offering to Her and becomes a shimmer of eternal hope.”

To see our complete collection of Marta Spendowska’s work follow this link.

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