Meet the Staff – Nate Rutter, Assistant Gallery Manager

Nate Rutter is the Assistant Gallery Manager at Maine Art Hill. He was hired in the spring of 2018 right when we were in the middle of all the new gallery spaces and our new branding.  Now that he has made it through a crazy summer season, and still wants to stay around, we thought we might tell you just a little bit more about him.

Nate was born in Evanston, Illinois, a small city block north of Chicago. From there his family moved to Barrington, but it wouldn’t be long before Maine became home.

“After visiting and vacationing in southern Maine our entire lives, my family made a permanent move close to where my mom grew up in Sanford,” shares Rutter.  

The rest, as they say, is history. Once Maine gets in your blood it is hard to move away. “Now I live in Kennebunkport, not far from the gallery, I’ll be trudging through the snow to get to work in January and February,” he laughs. “Expect to see me in my Bean Boots!”

Nate earned his degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in math, but education isn’t where he wanted to be. 

“My very first job was as a soccer referee. If I could do that again on a professional level that would be my dream job. Of course, only if my career as a professional soccer player doesn’t come to be,” laughs Nate. “In reality, I was a bartender and server most of my life. It is where my funny demeanor and winning personality come from,” he explains, with a twinkle in his eye.

With this kind of personality and math skills, Maine Art Hill was very lucky to snap up Nate when he was looking for a change. 

“We were talking with Meghan, over at the Green and Pink Tangerine about ideas for a position we were trying to fill,” says John Spain, owner of the galleries. “She was happy to put a good word in for her soon to be husband. Natalie did the first round, then a second interview with both Jessica and Natalie. Talk about double team. Then one more time, I Skyped with him while Trisha and I were still in Louisiana!”

Now Nate happily greets all of our art enthusiasts, shares knowledge and stories about the work and our artists, and manages the Wind Sculpture orders and inventory. Again, that math brain has worked out well. 

“I think it is cool that Meg connected us. It is a sweet story,’” Rutter says. “Plus now I get to work with some enjoyable people and work right across the street from my new wife!”

As much Nate loves his job (and his new wife), he also loves his guitar and a very interesting sport.

“I’ve always studied guitar and played for friends, family, and a few small crowds,” says Nate. “My other hobby is Disc Golf. Here I battle the winds and weather trying to drill drives and sink putts. I also enjoy stories and immersing myself into others work, be it books, art, music, video games, whatever.”

Nate’s family is still close by and a big part of his world.

“I love my family and will support them all through trials and tribulations,” he says. “That goes for my blood relatives as well as my new family through marriage.”

Overall Nate is a creative person who loves to share ideas and expressions. He is a master problem solver and has been an excellent addition to the gallery. 

So, when you stop in to visit The Gallery, make sure to say hello to Nate. He has a wealth of information about all things Maine Art Hill, and if you happen to think of it, ask him about his new wife. Marriage and Meghan are two of his favorite topics.