Meet the Staff – Ryan Cadigan

For those of you that have been in and around Maine Art for a while, Ryan Cadigan’s face is not a new one. Ryan first came to work for us in the summer of 2008. “I did my undergrad at Hamilton College and worked at Maine Art all four summers during that time,” says Cadigan. “Now that I am back in New England for grad school it seemed like a good idea to come back and join the gallery team again.” In the photo below a much younger Ryan, left, helps install some of the first Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculptures.

Ryan Cadigan, John Spain, Dave Stone, Lyman Whitaker, and John Spain  (left to right).

Ryan with Lyman Whitaker and John Spain during sculpture installation.

Born in Portland, Maine and raised in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Ryan has the distinction of being a local. Even though he has lived in New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut and California, Maine is still the place he calls home. “I went to Hamilton College in New York. I received my BA in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Environmental Studies in 2011,” says Cadigan. “Now I am a University of New Hampshire Creative Writing MFA candidate and entering my second year.”

When Ryan called and said he was going to be back in the area and wondered if we had a need for him at the gallery, we jumped at the chance to have him join us, even if it is only for the summer. “Once I finish my masters I want to live abroad,” says Cadigan. He also has a few other aspirations. “Writing is in my future. Books and screenplays to be specific. I also would love to teach college-level writing & English.” In addition to writing and teaching, environmental conservation has been a lifelong passion of Cadigan’s, and one he hopes to weave back into his professional work sometime in the future.

“I am an environmental activist. If I can blend that love with work, I would be happy,” Cadigan says. He has experience in grant writing, digital marketing and copywriting.

Outside of work, writing and school, Ryan is most likely to be practicing yoga, meditation or martial arts, hobbies to help keep him focused and healthy in both mind and body.

Ryan is intelligent and extremely well-spoken. This makes him a wonderful part of our sales staff here at the gallery. His sense of humor and love of sarcasm are part of his charm. He does take lunch very seriously. We are aware of this and try our best to keep his appetite – for new food, as well as new people and stories – satisfied.

We are thrilled to have Ryan back for the summer. He has big plans and we are excited for him to continue to grow and learn. “I love the sun and the ocean, and one day I’d like to swim with whales and live on a house boat,” says Cadigan. “But my big dream is to see my name in the opening credit roll of a movie or the spine of a novel. That would be fantastic.”

Ryan Cadigan

Ryan has committed to being with us for the summer season. After that we shall see. If you are out and about in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, stop in and say hello. The gallery opens at 10 am every day. Check the website for seasonal hours.