Michele Poirier Mozzone – Artist Introduction

At Maine Art Hill, we love to help make that connection between our clients and visitors with our artists. With that, a new us artist, Michele Poirier Mozzone, has shared a bit about herself.

Mozzone was born and raised in Massachusetts. She lives and works in Rehoboth, a lovely rural town in southeastern Massachusetts. There are farm fields, cow pastures, and horse stables, yet they are a 15-minute ride from great restaurants and city life in Providence, Rhode Island. They also have a cottage in Falmouth on Cape Cod, where the family loves to gather year-round.

“Painting and drawing were always something I did – from when I could hold a crayon. Although I majored in Fine Art in college and have painted for most of my life, I began to focus intensely on my art practice in 2010 after my dad’s sudden passing,” shares Mozzone. “It was a time of creative rebirth and experimentation for me as it became painfully clear that life is uncertain, and if this was what I was meant to do, it was now or never.”

She took classes and workshops, joined art organizations, subscribed to art journals, became involved in the Providence art community, and began teaching pastel classes at the Providence Art Club and RISD Continuing Education. She also became a lover of Instagram.

“I confess I am a bit of an Instagram addict. But I have found it inspires me to discover contemporaries creating fantastic work I would never have known about,” she says. “It has allowed me to enrich my knowledge of current artists and, in many cases, to have a dialogue and be acquainted with them.” 

Mozzone also belongs to the Providence Art Club in Providence, Rhode Island. It is the second oldest art club in the country and a vibrant organization. The membership and staff are welcoming and supportive. It is an inspirational beehive of creativity.

There was little time for art in the beginning, but as we know, that didn’t last forever.

“My husband and I were fortunate that his career allowed me to stay home with our three daughters. It was hectic and challenging to do more than an occasional watercolor painting,” says Mozzone. “During those time-strapped years, my creative outlets were gardening, cooking, and selling hand-painted tees, sweatshirts, and mailboxes at Christmas craft shows!”

So now that there is free time, yes, artists have free time, she fills her cup with Mother Nature and friends.

“I love spending time with my friends and family – my husband and I have three daughters and two great sons-in-law. We spend a lot of wonderful family time on Cape Cod,” she shares. “Yet my perennial flower garden has always been another interest-bordering-on-obsession for me and a source of replenishment when I’m feeling spent.”

Mozzone’s show opened on Saturday, August 19, at Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk, ending on September 6. We are open every day at 10 AM. All are welcome.

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