Moonrise at Bass Creek  –  Alex Dunwoodie, Artist Choice

When asked about Moonrise at Bass Creek, the first word to come from artist Alex Dunwoodie was “home”.

Moonrise at Bass Creek by Alex Dunwoodie

“This place is comfortingly familiar. It is where I stop when a walk takes me past. I know I will always be rewarded,” shares Dunwoodie.

For her, the beauty this spot brings to each visit is not only a delight but a surprise. “There are always questions. What has grown in with the season? What is the light doing at a particular time of day? Will I see the muskrat or the red-wing blackbirds? A crane? Perhaps a family of them?” Dunwoodie asks knowing the answers to her questions are limitless. “I could paint this one view countless times, and it changes continuously.”

As one of Dunwoodie’s favorite places, this spot holds as much beauty on an overcast day as on a sunny one. “On this particular day, the yellow yarrow flowers were glowing in the evening light, floating above the early summer green. This tree, once just a figure in the landscape, has become a friend. Every time I walk by, I have to stop at this spot, I have to take a deep breath, and then I have to just wait and see.”  For the artist, this place is so familiar and on this particular evening, so peaceful. “It simply makes me happy.”

Alex Dunwoodie has provided Maine Art Hill with six pieces for the 7th Annual Choice Art Show. Each very different from each other. Each equally spectacular.

“I chose these six paintings for the show after spending the winter trying new approaches, taking a break from closely-cropped small still-life and water studies to work on larger surfaces and subjects. The result is partly the consequences of moving to a new workspace. My work was bound to reflect a transition,” Alex explains.  “I wanted to work on a variety of subjects, sizes, application of paint; I was free to try new things.”

Stones at Biddeford Pool by Alex DunwoodieOvercast, Cape Elizabeth by Alex DunwoodieKeepers by Alex Dunwoodie

From weathered buoys hit by bright, late-day sun in Keepers, which is loosely painted, to the quiet and subdued, more tightly rendered, Overcast, Cape Elizabeth, this change is seen and felt. “Stones at Biddeford Pool was painted with numerous application techniques, from stippling to finger painting. Lots of fingerpainting,” laughs Dunwoodie. “The common denominator in all the work remains the same as in the past: quiet contemplation.”

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