No Matter the Weather – Artist Insights from Ryan Kohler


July 22 – August 16

5 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk, Maine 04043

“Liquid sunshine is a phrase that has lived in my head for months as I have continued to paint for the show,” shares artist Ryan Kohler. “Or maybe the absurd amount of rain we’ve had in May and June is seeping its way into my work, but my instincts have led me to use a lot of vertical strokes in my paintings.”

No matter the weather, Kohler can capture it. Be it streaming sunshine or pouring rain; he has found a way to see the beauty and paint it forward for the rest of us to admire.

“I find myself trying to capture the feeling of rain shine or sun showers. Both describe the phenomenon of rain even when it’s sunny,” he explains. “It’s gorgeous when it happens, and I love capturing it on my canvases.”

Even though many days leading up to Kohler’s solo summer show were rainy with sprinkles of sunshine, a few sunny days created a challenge for any artist.

“Ok, ok. I admit sometimes it’s just rain that I’m trying to paint, and then sometimes it’s pure sunshine,” Kohler laughs.”There are a few overcast-lit paintings in the show. However, there are always still some strong lighting effects or tricks at play. Objects are the most interesting when they are split in half by a shadow. It is a recurring theme in this body of work.”


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