Pop-Up with Artist Gary Koeppel

Featured Artist Gary Koeppel is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning Thursday, August 12, to Wednesday, August 18. Read on to learn more about his inspiration, his process, and his work.

August 12 to August 18

I am a landscape painter working in the New England area. I work in oils. My first love is Plein Air Painting, however I also create work in my studio where I have the luxury of time in a controlled environment. In addition to color and composition in a scene, I am first struck by the light and a certain mood which I hope to communicate to the viewer. I hope to leave an impression that brings back a memory of how a song reminds us of a time from our past.

Painting landscapes is something that I enjoy doing, something that I have taken with me through the journey of my life for more than forty years. What is it that attracts me to the landscape? I suppose it’s a place of being for us all, our connection to the land, giving us a sense of place on this planet.

The elements that attract me to a scene have to do with composition, color, contrasts of light and dark. When I paint a tree in a field, the tree becomes secondary to describing the space around it. I like best about being in the landscape because it’s a way to capture the moment to stop time, and study it. Through that observation, an imprinted memory of the scene remains for me.

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