Recharging His Artist Batteries – William B. Hoyt


Everyone needs to take time aways from their busy schedule to recharge and rejuvenate.  We all lead such busy lives. With work and family obligations, we often forget how important it is to take care of our own selves. Everyone does this in a different way. Spa time, curling up with a good book, exercise, or being outdoors do it for many. For William B. Hoyt, it is reminding himself that work is also something he loves. Taking time to just paint, especially with other like-minded souls, does wonders for his own.

“This August I found myself in a covey of painters, out on Pemaquid Point on a beautiful day painting plein air. It was workshop for alumni of Julien Merrow-Smith’s, ‘Painting in Provence’,” said Hoyt. “I sort of crashed the party. I came with my friends Hope and Rob. They are actually in the painting, fourth and fifth from the left.”

Hoyt can fly by the seat of his pants like few others.  He embraces the moment and absorbs all he can from each experience that wanders across his path, or in this case an experience he wandered upon.

“I often paint outside but have never done a workshop. I had just mounted a big show for you at Maine Art and had spent months before in my studio. I had been doing mostly larger works,” said Hoyt. “Then this happened. I thought it might be just the thing to recharge my batteries.”

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It was. The six small studies, two of which are above, were his output during the workshop, showing various scenes out on Pemaquid Peninsula. This larger painting, The Way Life Should Be, was a piece he worked on after the workshop and shows about half of the fifteen artists painting that day.  A painting of painters; that is inspiration.

William B. Hoyt has been with Maine Art for more than thirteen years. We have a continuously growing and changing collection of his work. To view it in its entirety, please visit his Artist Page, William B. Hoyt at Maine Art. To read more about Hoyt and his work with Maine Art, see his featured posts on our Blog Page; Insights and Stories from William B. Hoyt.

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