Ryan Kohler Solo Show 2022

Ryan Kohler

August 13 – Sept 8


Maine Art Hill, Kennebunk. Maine

Ryan Kohler is one of the newest artists to join Maine Art Hill. In just a few years, he has established a serious following. Clients come from all over to see his latest works, and they rarely stay with us long before shipping them off to their forever homes.

His process has evolved over the time Kohler has been with us and watching the progress has been a genuinely fascinating endeavor.

“My process is evolving a little bit. The main meat and potatoes of my work are still painting and continue to be acrylic paint, but I’m starting to incorporate the use of tape and markers and objects,” Kohler explains. “I’m treating my canvas like a collage with more emphasis on the painting than the collage part.”

Many of Kohler’s works have a mixed media component, so this idea is not new. Regarding the addition of papers, each of his recent pieces demonstrates different levels of this aspect. Some are more extreme than others. In addition, these pieces are even more attractive in person. Seen from close-up provides a different experience than from a distance—all the more reason to visit the gallery. We have several new works from Kohler that will show you what to expect from his summer show.


Until then, be sure to mark your calendars and plan a wander up to The Gallery at The Grand at 1 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk, Maine.

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