Barn Talk with Janis H. Sanders

“Barns and old houses are wonderful and wondrous places, places where people have worked and played and lived and created. They have their own simple functional beauty, They are artifacts left in their own footsteps, footprints walked away from,” says Janis Sanders during a recent discussion about one of his favorite inspirations. “The echoes are still in the air if you listen just right.”

The Birches – Liz Hoag

These are paintings, images discovered in acrylic. These trees are captured in such exquisite detail it takes a moment to be sure. The black and white blur of bark, the multitude of greens playing in the leaves, and the lightest of blue in a perfect sky.

Liz Hoag – A New Maine Art Artist

The family at Maine Art Painting and Sculpture is growing. Artist Liz Hoag has recently joined the gallery, and we are excited to introduce her. Liz has been living in Maine for over twenty-five years. Presently, she resides in Portland, but her studio space is in Westbrook. Much of her work is focused, or sometimes unfocused, on the Maine outdoors.

James Rivington Pyne and Tern

As you first walk into Maine Art Shows at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk, a curious little sculpture of what at first glance is a seagull swooping in to grab his lunch is there to greet you. However, after a closer look, something is just a little different, a little smaller, a little more unique about this particular bird.

Listen – Ellen Welch Granter

“I remember the thick green grass seeming perfectly even for a huge distance. It is peaceful scene, but I chose to named the painting Listen,” says Granter. “If you truly listen, it isn’t really quiet. You can hear willets, piping plovers, terns, gulls, and myriad insects all around.” So often the majestic crash of waves and never-ending span of sea hold our attention, and the casual beauty of the small marshes and winding rivers that feed the oceans are overlooked. “Listen” is all about not overlooking this place and this moment.