The Emotion Behind the Work – Artist Insights from Janis Sanders

“Every painting is a portrait of something, whether a person, a place, or a close-up of a detail, but ultimately, it is an expression of an interpretation of an emotion,” said Janis Sanders.

Over the years, artist Janis Sanders has shared stories, inspiration, and process. Today, he shares some of his mental approach and experience as an artist.

“Whether stated with traditional painting materials and methods in traditional applications, stretched to the edges in abstraction, abstract expressionism or even minimalism, the representation of the artist’s experience is, of course, rendered through the filter of that artist’s being, experiential and instinctual, combined, mixed and balanced,” explains Sanders.

Knowing what you want to express is half the battle for this artist. Ideally, does an artist want others to see what he sees, feel what he feels, and then move on to make it their own?

“A painting speaks a thousand words,” says Sanders. “Yet, a thousand words can fall short of expressing a painting.”

The show opened on Saturday, August 19, at 10 AM at Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. This show runs for almost a month, ending September 6. If you are in town, please consider stopping by at 5 Chase Hill Road, Kennebunk. All are welcome.

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 ARTIST INSIGHTS – Janis H. Sanders.