What’s in a Name – Artist Insights from Ryan Kohler


July 22 – August 16

5 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk, Maine 04043

What’s in a name? Or a title? For Maine artist RYAN KOHLER, it’s all about color.

“For my titles, I’ve been naming each painting after a color,” explains Kohler. “Each is spelled out somewhere on each painting. The text is even printed on a piece of paper that color, like a paint swatch.”

Wandering into the gallery, not only are you captured by color and subject, you immediately lean in to see the detail. Upon learning of his titling process, it’s an added hunt for the small pieces Kohler has “hidden” in each piece.  The work above is called Cocoon. Below, Storm.


“I picked words for the titles that are appropriate to the painting in some way based on the subject matter, colors, and shapes,” shares Kohler. “Although I admit, it is sometimes in an abstract way.”

Abstract or not, Kohler has found yet another way to make his stunning artwork even more interesting. Indigo is featured below.

“I look forward to finishing each painting to find a color that fits; then I cut it out. Each is hidden on the surface somewhere,” says Kohler.  “It’s a fun game. Can you find all the titles?”

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