6th Annual Choice Art Show – Ellen Welch Granter Explains the Boats

Likely by Ellen Granter Harbor Perception Clear Picture by Ellen Granter

Ellen Welch Granter has been with Maine Art long enough to be considered a veteran of the Choice Art Show. The quality of work Ellen gives continually exceeds any expectations and raises the bar. This year, things were no different.

Granter says, “When I received the invitation to join the 6th Annual Choice Art Show, I was determined to shake myself up a bit. I wanted to do something different than might be expected. After painting a good many birds over the years, it seemed to be time to change course. With a deep breath, I decided to focus on ‘Boats at Rest’ as my theme for this year.”

Shake things up, she did. All six pieces Ellen delivered to be considered for the Choice Art Show were spectacular. We knew of her love for her birds, but boats were a complete surprise.

“You might think that sailboats resonate with me because of a love of sailing,” shares Granter.  “In fact, much to the disappointment of my father who was a world-class sailor and lover of all things nautical, I get extremely seasick. Growing up, I also may have been a little sick of hearing about how much fun sailing was.” In Granter’s family, the ’S’ word was Sailing.

Utterly Simple by Ellen Granter Beached Dory by Ellen Granter

She did survive several seasons in the Rochester Frostbite Association, an intrepid group of fierce competitors who braved the brutal, bitter cold of a Lake Ontario winter and sailed no matter the conditions. “That did not distill in me a love of boats, either,” she laughs. “The loud, and often hilarious, rules protest arguments in the bar afterwards were, however, almost worth the whole effort.”

Seriously, why the boats then?

“I began painting boats because I love the way they evoke a sense of peace and calmness,” says Granter. “Whether they are in the fog, in the sun, or in a busy harbor, their curvy lines and sense of possibility are always an invitation to paint.”

Upon looking at all of Granter’s work for the Choice Art Show, one would never expect such a story. Yet, we are glad of her father’s influence, even if it was in an indirect way.

“I do enjoy the sailing life,” she admits. “I just enjoy it from solid land.”

To see more of Ellen Granter’s work, visit Maine Art Shows from June 10th to June 29th to see the 6th Annual Choice Art Show in person. We are located at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. The gallery is open every day from 11AM – 5PM. FMI, please call at 207-967-0049 or email at [email protected].

Click the link below to see the complete show online.

6th Annual Choice Art Show


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