Finding the Fabulous in the Familiar – Insights from Bethany Harper Williams

“The Maine coast continues to inspire me,” says artist Bethany Harper Williams.


Williams is in the middle of a hugely successful show up here at Shows on Maine Art Hill. She has taken over half of this space until July 19th and has been exceptionally well received by locals and tourists alike.

“Our visitors have fallen in love with Bethany’s work,” says our owner John Spain. “Each painting holds a hint of a memory. It may be from their visit to Maine, or it may be from seaside spots closer to their own home. Either way, Bethany has a way of capturing that coastal light and magic each person wants to take home and hold on to.”

Williams spends most of her winter in Toronto. We lovingly call this her second home, because we think her first home is at her incredible spot in Biddeford Pool. Frequent trips back and forth fill her year. 

“Each time I return, I am amazed at how the views continue to captivate me. I find myself literally stopping and taking photos again and again, often of the same scenes,” she laughs. “The light is always different. The clouds. The water. I love seeing how the light and colors change through the year.”

 Dog Days of Summer

It is not uncommon to see Williams biking in the early evening, wandering in and around the shore. It is the perfect time for her to immerse herself in her surroundings.

“The light is so beautiful in the early evening. I can’t stop myself from stopping and taking even more photos of people on the beach, views across the pool, the clouds. All scenes I’ve seen and photographed for the last 30 years still inspire me,” Williams shares. “All these photos keep me going through the Toronto winters.”

Two Orange Boogie Boards Red Boat White Boat

And keep her coming back to spend her summers with us here in Maine. 

“I am thrilled to be a part of Maine Art Hill, especially at this time – new beginnings, great opportunities, and its blossoming art community.” She is sharing Shows on Maine Art Hill with David Witbeck until July 19.  We welcome you to stop in and see both artists’ work in person.  It is a real Maine summer treat. 

Visit virtually by following this link. 

Open every day from 10 am to 5 pm. Call for more info. 207-967-0048

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