Adventurer Bethany Harper Williams – The Other Life of an Artist

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Upon getting to know our artists, we are so often intrigued and amazed by what they do when they aren’t painting. Like all of us, there has to be more than work in their world. For Bethany Harper Williams, not only is her other life amazing, its extreme. Here is a little peek at the “Other Life” of Bethany Harper Williams.

“I love the outdoors, the mountains and the water, and with that a need to be active. Adventure Holidays are one way we, as a family, meet this need,” says Williams. “We have three boys we had to keep active, and we have instilled the same love of adventure in them.”

Whistler – top of Spanky’s Ladder – Williams family – Dec. 2009

Some of the favorite family holidays are ski holidays. Traveling to places like Whistler, Colorado, and Utah, they spend their days being outside together and their evenings just relaxing and enjoying family time. “For my 40th birthday, my twin sister and I, with our husbands, went heli-skiing,” she shares. Again, not just amazing, but extreme.

Heli-Skiing in British Columbia with my twin sister – 2003

Climbing was yet another adventure sport the Williams family turned into an Adventure Holiday.

“In December 2013 we climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with two other families. This was the first climb our family had ever done together. We were six adults and seven kids, ages ranging from 14 to 72,” Bethany shares as she sets the stage. “We followed the Limosho route which over the course of eight days took us through five climate zones.”

 Kilimanjaro Summit – The Williams Family  (Ryan, Dave, Bethany, Jay, Andrew) – Dec. 2013

Three days into the hike they celebrated her son’s 20th birthday and had one of the most memorable Christmases at 13,800 ft. “We each brought a light gift for a gift exchange and spent the late afternoon playing games and passing a football over and around the tents,” remembers Williams.

They reached the summit, 19,341 ft, with blue skies, in the early afternoon of Dec. 27. Then turned around to hike down to crater camp where they spent not the most comfortable night at 18,865ft.

“We culminated our trip with a safari in Tanzania. We were treated with many sightings of exotic animals. but spent a great deal of our time reliving and retelling stories from our incredible mountain experience,” she says. “However, the real highlight, looking back, was the camaraderie and discussions and the strong bond created by our adventure together. It’s a shared memory that won’t be forgotten.”

Now that Bethany and her husband Dave are empty nesters or what they call ‘Freebirds’, this past September they embarked on another challenging adventure…the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland. This is an 80-kilometer trail that starts in the interior and makes its way over volcanic rock, steaming fissures, gigantic canyons, expansive glaciers, and majestic waterfalls, ending at the ocean.

Iceland – Laugavegur Trail – Bethany & Dave – Sept. 2017

“It was a fundraising trip for Outward Bound Canada to help fund less fortunate people in distress to experience the therapeutic benefits of outdoor adventure,” says Williams. “As we carried our packs each day, we had time for personal reflection, as well as time to communicate with our fellow travelers. In the evenings we asked ourselves tough questions and had many thoughtful discussions amongst our new friends.”

As with climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking Iceland was more than just about the climb and the accomplishment.  With both trips, there was a thoughtfulness and a self-awareness that during the hectic nature of day-to-day living we don’t allow ourselves the time for. “I came away from this trip refreshed and re-energized and thankful for all that I have,” she says. “It was actually when I came back to civilization in Reykjavik that I received my first email from Maine Art. The positive vibes were all around me!”

This Icelandic adventure confirmed her love and need for the challenge of adventure and the outdoors.

“I need the mountains and the ocean just like I need to paint,” she claims. “It is this power and energy in nature that draws me to continually paint it. I go into my zone when I am painting. The hours pass by, and I am totally absorbed. It is the same connection as when I am surrounded by mountains or looking out to the water. I am at peace.”

Bethany Harper Williams joined Maine Art this past fall and is looking forward to her first full summer season with us.  Not only can you view her work every day at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture on 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk. She will also be a part the 7th Annual Choice Art Show and a Three Artist Show beginning Labor Day Weekend. As always you can read more about Bethany by clicking Bethany Harper Williams – Stories and Insights and see her entire collection online by clicking Artist Page – Bethany Harper Williams – Artist Page.


In January we are open Thursday – Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Then starting February first we will be open Thursday – Monday at the same hours.

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A Mainer by Heart and Home – Artist Bethany Harper Williams Shares

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When artist Bethany Harper Williams was young she was introduced to Maine via a little spot just up the coast from us called Ocean Park. Even as a child she was drawn to the water and knew her first visit to our coast would not be her last. She, like the rest of us, knew that once Maine’s salt water gets in a person’s blood it never leaves.

Now she is back, and Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is happy to have her. Bethany Harper Williams is a wonderful new artist we now have the pleasure of representing.

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Williams has always been creative, always sketched, and always drawn and painted, even as a child. “My parents have very amateur paintings of mine framed in their cottage,” Williams shares. “My grandmother passed down her old oil paint set when I was ten, and my grandfather built me an easel.”

She went to Concordia University in Montreal for Fine Arts and graduated with a BFA, with Honors in Graphic Design. “After graduating, I moved to Toronto and worked for a design firm. I stayed there for 15 years. I loved my job and the creative atmosphere.” After son number three in 1999, however, she left the firm to start her own small design business from her home. “I figured I could be more flexible, but still keep my creative side happy.”

“One Saturday afternoon everyone was occupied, a rarity in my house. I brought out my paints which I had purchased on a just in case whim. I had a photo of one of my kids running with a kite on the beach in Biddeford Pool. Big beach, big sky, little person. I was very nervous,” admits Williams. “I painted all afternoon. The time flew by. I was in a zone and on a high. I painted until midnight.” Even at this point, she knew this was the beginning of something bigger.

Red Umbrellas Yellow Beach Chairs

It was William’s husband who first brought her back to Maine. He had been coming to Biddeford Pool since the early ’70’s. “It started off taking a week or two of holiday. Then once I quit working full time, we spent the month of July and Labor Day weekend,” shares Williams.  “We rented for many years and finally bought five years ago. The community has become just as much “home” as Toronto.”

“I only painted a few paintings a year for the next few years but all were inspired by summers in Biddeford Pool. It wasn’t until 2011, I decided to have a show,” says Williams. “I knew I wanted to do something in Biddeford Pool, but I didn’t know what. We ended up throwing a cocktail party for all our friends. Many friends had no idea I painted. Needless to say, it was a big success.”  This inspired her to want to go further with her painting and changed her focus from graphic design to painting.

We welcome you to come in and see Bethany Harper Williams complete collection of work. We open every day at 10 am at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk. Please check our website for seasonal hours.

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An Autumn Afternoon of Art

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Join us for an autumn afternoon this Saturday, October 21st.

From 12 pm to 4 pm.

Food. Music. Art

We are celebrating the fall colors, the cool air and the addition of two new artists to the gallery. Both are excited to join our family, and we want to give them a proper Kennebunk Welcome. There is nothing like hot apple cider and fall bites to make a Maine gathering complete. We are also thrilled to have live music from local guitarist Beau Dalleo. So, as you are out wandering and enjoying the sunshine this weekend, we hope you take some time to come say hello and visit.

Bethany Harper Williams

 See New Works  or  Read More About Her

“Her work represents the youthful energy of the present day yet has peaceful and calm roots planted in nostalgia. This paradox is expressed beautifully in her simple yet sophisticated style of painting.”


John LeCours

 See New Works and Read Artist Insights


“The first time I painted outside, en plein air, in Portsmouth Harbor, I realized that nothing can replace the excitement and energy of reacting to the elements and painting directly,” he says. “Feeling the sights, sounds and smells and reacting to them with ‘mark making’ was a true epiphany.”


Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk, is open daily at 10 am. Check the website for closing times as seasons change. FMI call 207-967-2803.


Bethany Harper Williams – A New Artist at Maine Art

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“I am completely inspired by water, sky, and beach, I love the big expanses of landscape. Couple this with the changing ocean light, and it’s magic,” says Bethany Harper Williams.

Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is happy to introduce a wonderful new artist. We now have the pleasure of representing Bethany Harper Williams.

“I don’t like to paint the obvious. I like the viewer to look and find new things like the shapes of colors, textures, playful shapes and scribbles. The vast areas of sky or beach or water give me the room to play,” says Williams. “When looked at up close, all these interesting and unexpected shapes and subtle textures and colors can be found. Yet from a distance, it is clearly a sky or beach or water.”

Williams often has figures in her paintings. “I am trying to capture a moment in time. I’m not concerned with who the people are, but I’m trying to invoke a memory others can relate to,” shares Williams. “My people have become even more simplified, much less detailed.” In her latest series of Beach Days, the figures are simple strokes of color. But as simple as they are, she still captures the movement and interaction, the mood and activity.

Pink Hat Green Bucket Orange Bucket Blue Boogie Board

“I work mostly with palette knives, big and small. Always using a palette knife for my figures. It helps me to stay away from focussing on details,” says Williams. “Recently I have started to bring brushes back into my work to add texture, but I like using big brushes, like a broom!”

William’s work is often described as having energy but also a calmness and playfulness. “It is reflective of who I am. I am a doer. I’m very active. I love sports, tennis, golf, biking, swimming, and skiing. However, I’m also a very relaxed, calm person. I love to travel, especially adventure traveling.”

One gallery owner says this about Williams and her work. “Her work represents the youthful energy of the present day yet has peaceful and calm roots planted in nostalgia. This paradox is expressed beautifully in her simple yet sophisticated style of painting.”

Big Beach Walk Yellow Bikini Red Trunks

What does Bethany Harper Williams say about her own work? “It makes me happy that I get to do what I love and other people enjoy it too.”

“It makes me happy that I get to do what I love and other people enjoy it too.”

Bethany Harper Williams

Join us for an autumn afternoon on Saturday, October 21st. View the new works. Hot apple cider and fall bites will be served. Live music from local guitarist Beau Dalleo.

  Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk, is open daily at 10 am. Check the website for closing times as seasons change. FMI call 207-967-2803.

See our complete collection of Bethany Harper Williams’ work by clicking her link.

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