Heirlooms in Bloom – Insights from Ingunn Milla Joergensen

In this show, artist Ingunn Milla Joergensen has embraced a few of her passions, especially her flowers.

“For a long time, I have tried to figure out how to move my passion for flowers and gardening into my work. To me, it made complete sense to unite the two things that make me the happiest,” says Joergensen.

Tying it all together is what we all strive for in life. For Joergensen, it is the feeling of being grounded, being mindful, simplicity, and peace and, of course, a whole lot of green and blossoms.

“Since childhood, flowers have been my biggest passion and escape. I kept track of every flower in every meadow, knowing exactly when they would burst into bloom. What a joy when they did. Now I am lucky enough to have a large garden where we grow lots and lots of veggies and flowers of our own.”

Some of her precious blooms are actually heirlooms. Plants passed down from flower lovers to flower lovers. 

“When my great grandmother Milla married in early the 1900s, she received from her parents’ garden this beautiful peony plant,” explains Joergensen. “It was passed down through the generations and finally given to me.”

**Side note on the Counting Petals Series…

I love flowers, and dots always make me smile. Petals are like dots, …covering every shade of happiness. 

If you have the same love of Mother Nature’s best works, please visit Joergensen’s summer show. Alongside many blossoms, she celebrates all her loves with just as much passion as her flowers.  


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