Ingunn Milla Joergensen – 2023 Solo Summer Show



August 5 – 30

Artist Reception August 5,  5-7 PM

Gallery at the Grand

1 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk, Maine 04043

“For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with texture and aging objects, particularly simple everyday things with stories that are equally important to me as the object itself,” artist Ingunn Milla Joergensen.

At 10 o’clock on the morning of August 5, Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk features new works from local female artist Ingunn Milla Joergensen. All you need to do is walk through the doors of the Gallery at the Grand at 1 Chase Hill Road to understand Joergensen’s story. The walls whisper soft words of comfort and calm, and the viewer is swept away. This show runs from August 5 to August 30, with an Artist Reception Saturday, August 5, from 5-7 PM. All are welcome.

“I have walked the empty beaches from sunrise to sunset in my life in Kennebunkport as well as during my time wandering elsewhere,” Joergensen says. “I hope my viewers can relate to what happens when and where I paint. My paintings offer a little sun bleached in an otherwise busy world.”

Joergensen works in layers, adding paint, scraping off, and often mixing the oil paint directly on the canvas. Being extremely tactile, she usually paints with her bare hands, simplifying more and more.

“With so much clutter and noise surrounding us, I pare down to the bare essentials, and I can breathe,” shares Joergensen. “The spaces in between…where nothing happens, are almost more important. It puts the rest into perspective. I am working towards my paintings being a mental pause for the viewer. If I suggest half the story, the rest is up to them. I spend a lot of time meditating. Therefore, approaching the same subject over and over becomes like meditative prose. Every time I try to get closer to the essence, or the soul of the subject.”

When Joergensen has just the elements to relate to, it is a much-welcomed timeout. The only sounds are the crashing waves and the screaming seagulls. It is confirmation of that need for simplicity, nature, the absence of clutter, and, most of all, to feel grounded.


“Instead of photorealism, I rather focus on the emotion the landscape brings out, the transparency or translucency of it,” she says. “I try to recreate my impressions in a simple, and hopefully to the viewer, peaceful and contemplative way.”   

Ingunn MIlla Joergensen’s solo summer show should not be missed whether you visit in person or online. Visit  Maine Art Hill from August 5 to August 30. Open every day at 10 AM with an Artist Reception Saturday, August 5, from 5-7 PM. All are welcome. FMI 207-967-2803 or

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