More Snippets – Artist Insights from William B. Hoyt


Just a few more snippets from artist William B. Hoyt. Getting a look inside an artist’s mind relating to his work is always fun.


Green Machine

“Anyone in the market for an emerald green Chrysler Cordoba? I want to lie in a hammock on that upstairs porch among the swaying shirts and blue jeans.”

Hading Out, Dawn Patrol

“Wake up call, 4 a.m., anyone? There are worse alarm clocks than the throttle of a lobster boat setting out to lay traps. And the sunrise over Louds Island, Maine, is easy on the eyes.”

Block and Tackle

“Can you hear the whir of rope and clink and clank of a block and tackle? The soundtrack of coastal Maine in summer.”

Golden Pear Unwrapped

“The gift that keeps on giving. Yoyo Ma sent friends Charlie and Miranda a box of fruit. Their daughter Sophie is an event coordinator for Yoyo. Thank you so much for the nourishing inspiration!”

Homage to Vermeer

“My wife’s summer bouquet united with The Milkmaid by Vermeer helped whet my appetite for my trip to Amsterdam. Piecing together a still life of things from our home with the work of a Dutch master brought this modern painter all sorts of challenges and happiness.”

Round Pond Sunrise

“Round Pond is where one of my best friends, Spenny, kept his boat, Mist. We’d sleep on the boat, rocked by a gentle lull. Around 4:30 a.m., the lobstermen would wake us up when they set traps. They’d go slowly through the harbor, and when they got to where Spenny’s boat was anchored, they’d hit the throttle, put the gas to it, and wake us up. The gentle lull would quickly turn to rocking and rolling. Spenny could fall back asleep, but not me. I’d creep around the harbor in the dinghy taking in the light rising in the shingled buildings and houses and imagining all the ways I’d revisit this place in paint. When I returned to the boat, Spenny would always be up, and the coffee would be ready. I will never tire of painting Round Pond.”

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