Summer Shows 2020 – Janis Sanders, Ingunn Milla Joergensen, and Jill Matthews

Asking an artist why they paint or make any other form of art, is like asking a bird why it flies or a person why they breathe. For me, art is so deep and profound. ~ Artist Janis Sanders.

Shows on Maine Art Hill is hosting a three-artist show, featuring the works of oil painters, Janis Sanders, Ingunn Milla Joergensen, and Jill Matthews. Each artist has painted new pieces for this show beginning Saturday, August 8, and running through September 3.

Natalie Lane, Director of Galleries and General Manager of Maine Art Hill, says, “The early August opening of the Matthews, Sanders, and Joergensen show, is one I have been looking forward to all summer. The contrasting landscapes and seascapes compositions and color palettes range from bold to ethereal. They take us all on a journey of the senses through New England, and it’s seacoast with all its incarnations.”

Artist Janis Sanders has been with Maine Art Hill since 2010 and is well known for his love of the perfect blue in the company of a splash of yellow. With this show and each painting he paints, he gives his best effort to interact with the atmosphere of the scene.

“I stay focused, concentrate, and interact with the uniqueness of the interplay and path of these particular colors and nuances,” says Sanders. “Each painting is an individual journey, much like a musical score, in which one leads the other in tandem to completion. Some directions are more familiar, others open the doors wide to new latitudes and longitudes. You find both in this show.”

Ingunn Milla Joergensen is a local artist, who has called Kennebunkport home for many years now. Whether she is painting on location or finding inspiration in her fantastic backyard, her clean and open landscapes invoke calm and warmth. These feelings are difficult to put to words, but unmistakable when standing before her work.

“For a long time, I have tried to figure out how to move my passion for flowers and gardening in my work. To me, it makes complete sense to unite the two things that make me the happiest,” shares Joergensen. “Tying it all together is what I strive for in life. I have found a feeling of being grounded, being mindful, simplicity, and peace…and a whole lot of green!”

Another local artist, Jill Matthews, has traveled all over only to find her home back in Maine. A landscape artist with a few surprises, Matthews celebrates the area in soft colors and smooth brushstrokes. Like many artists who are encompassed by the beauty here, Matthews’s work is inspired and influenced by her surroundings.

“I am struck by things visually in an instant. Be it the way light plays off of something or the color interactions on a clear blue day. My favorite days are foggy days. They force my eye to see the beauty in simplicity,” says Matthews. “I strive for this in my pieces, strong uncluttered compositions. I always edit as I work, stripping away details, leaving a strength to what remains.”

All three artists have found their own unique way of capturing this beautiful area, and show beautifully together, both virtually and in person. Visit soon at Shows on Maine Art Hill at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. The community is welcome to enjoy this three-week-long show. All the Maine Art Hill galleries are open every day at 10 am. FMI or 207-967-0049.


Virtual  2020 Summer Show


Ingunn Milla Joergensen

Janis Sanders

Jill Matthews


Ingunn Milla Joergensen

Janis Sanders

Jill Matthews