The Beach – Insights from Ellen Welch Granter

“In addition to clam and mussel shells, seagulls, dories, and sanderlings, the subjects of this group of paintings include a series of moon snails,” shares Ellen Welch Granter. “I named them all for the features on the map of our moon.”

“These enormous and heavy snail shells, called moon snails, collect in specific places on the beach. I love their sun-bleached exteriors juxtaposed with their deep, darkly colored interiors,” shares Granter. “However, be careful picking them up. Hermit crabs also love to make their homes inside.”

Of course, when you love this part of the world, fear for its safety comes with it.

“Awareness of what is on the beach also leads to a depressing understanding of the sheer amount of trash that washes ashore,” explains Granter. “This ranges from the typical: water bottles, straws, fishing gear, and snack bags—to the weird: toys, shoes, golf balls—to the genuinely horrific: syringes, shotgun casings, and masks.”

The passion Granter feels for her beach and ocean doesn’t allow for the trash to make an appearance in her paintings. But…

“Maybe it should,” Granter continually contemplates.



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