The Pink Show – Real Men Wear Pink

Maine Art Hill is hosting  The Pink Show. This show will be held at the Pop-Up gallery space at Studios on Maine Art Hill starting October 11. You may view the show virtually starting October 1. Sales will start at 10 am on October 11.  The show will be open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.  To support the “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign, the gallery and the artists have partnered up to donate 20% of all sales from this show to the American Cancer Society.


Real Men Wear Pink is an opportunity and an honor. Not only has cancer touched Spain’s world personally, but many of Maine Art Hill’s employees have fought with this disease, either personally or alongside family members.

Barefoot and Free by Bethany Harper Williams Pink Beach Chairs by Ellen Welsh Granter

“The fact that I am in a position to help focus awareness and offer support to our local community is overwhelming and impossible to resist,” says Spain. “This is everyone’s disease. Be it a survivor who continues to fight every day or someone who battled valiantly but lost the fight. My job in this is easy. My hope is to make the job of others that much easier.”

Pink Buoys by David Witbeck

The entire staff wholeheartedly supports the participation in this campaign. In addition, the gallery also represents several amazing artists who are breast cancer survivors.  They, along with many other artists, enthusiastically climbed on board to help with this cause that is so near and dear.

Gliding Light Over the Bay by Jill Valliere

It is such a privilege to be asked to participate in Real Men Wear Pink, and Spain is excited about being involved in this campaign. It offers him the opportunity not only to personally bring in awareness but to use his business to feature beautiful works art and use his huge network of clients and friends to raise awareness and money for this cause.  

Visit the Pop Up gallery space at Studios on Maine Art Hill beginning October 11. It will be open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.


Rachel Altschuler

Claire Bigbee

Charles Bluett

Donna D’Aquino

Alex Dunwoodie

Margaret Gerding

Ellen Granter

Rick Hamilton

Liz Hoag

Julie Houck

William B. Hoyt

Ingunn Joergensen

John LeCours

Erika Manning

Karen McManus

David Peterson

Donald Rainville

Janis Sanders

Jill Valliere

Susan Wahlrab

Bethany Harper Williams

David Witbeck

Wade Zahares