Happy Holidays in the Kennebunks

It is that time of year again. Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are coming alive with holiday spirit. Over the course of the last few days, greens have been cut, bows tied and lights strung. The town looks fabulous and is more than ready to greet the influx of locals and tourist soon to arrive to kick off this holiday season with Christmas Prelude. Here at Maine Art, we are excited to be a part of it.

A Memorial for Francesca

“We cross paths with people throughout our lives sometimes never knowing the full impact a person has on you until you no longer travel on the same path,” says Natalie Lane, Gallery Manager at Maine Art. “I am blessed to have been able to call Francesca a good friend and will miss her dearly.”

Planning Ahead – 2017 Show Schedule for Maine Art

Next summer’s show schedule is finished, and we couldn’t wait to share the excitement with all of you. Summer calendars fill up quickly, and we want to make sure you fit us in. We will do our best to keep you up to date on all the goings-on. Please add your name to our email list for reminders. We’ll keep your information private and not inundate your inbox. We look forward to seeing you soon, no matter the season.

Janis Sanders – New Works at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture

Sanders is an accomplished oil painter, who has won awards for his distinctive painting style. He melds elements of American Realism with Modernism/Impressionism for a dramatically contemporary visual result. Many of Sanders’ paintings are done outside or “en plein air”, a method introduced by French artists, which means “open air”.

The Painted Words of William B. Hoyt – A One-Man Show

Artists have been traveling to coastal Maine for decades, each trying to capture the beauty of the land and waters bordering it. William B. Hoyt is an artist who not only knows and loves this area, but works and plays here frequently. Each of his canvases have an almost photographic quality. This attention to detail forces the viewer to lean in closer to experience every facet that forms the whole and becomes classic Maine.

Behind the Painting – Custom Stretchers from Brickyard Enterprises

Brickyard Enterprises is located in Ferrisburgh, Vermont in the beautiful Champlain Valley. They are a small company run by Mike Poskas and his wife, Ann. They are also live about a half mile from Rebecca Kinkead.

Mike and Rebecca’s husband, Jaime hunt together. Knowing Mike was on furrow from his job as a commercial airline pilot, Jamie tossed a very random idea his way.

“When Jamie asked about making stretchers for Rebecca’s canvases, Mike was all in,” says his wife, Ann. “Then he promptly came home and researched what a stretcher was and how to make one.”

Rebecca Kinkead – A One-Woman Show

The nationally acclaimed paintings of Rebecca Kinkead have arrived in the Kennebunks. Her love of animals, children in motion, and the outdoors is celebrated in this one-woman show at Maine Art Shows in Kennebunk. Whether you are a collector, or viewing her work for the first time, this dynamic show is an intimate step into the heart of the artist.

Daniel Corey on By January – An Artist’s Choice

By January is Corey’s Artist Choice piece for the Choice Art Show at Maine Art Shows in Kennebunk. It is one of three pieces of his work in the show. “This painting represents me and my work to the best of my current ability. Everything I have went into it,” says Corey. “The Belted Gateways are one of my favorite subjects when I’m looking for a challenge. For such big animals they don’t seem to stop moving. This makes it tough when trying to paint them.”