William B. Hoyt – Hawaiian Waves

“We were at a beach on Kauai, and this wave picked me up and just drove me down into the sand. It basically crammed my head into my neck,” he begins to stammer in recollection. “So, I was standing there with stars in my eyes, holding my head, when I hear these twelve year old boys next to me say, ‘Boy did you see that old guy just barreled?'”

William Hoyt on Vermont and Margarite Williams

Every May 11th, we celebrated her birthday, which we have continued to do years after she died. We’ve gathered down at the station decades after she passed away. She had a very nurturing way, and she really listened. She just had a wonderful way of speaking. She had a cat whose name was Tig and geraniums in the windows. It was an endearing scene. We were sort of her ‘lost boys’.”

The Painted Words of William B. Hoyt – A One-Man Show

Artists have been traveling to coastal Maine for decades, each trying to capture the beauty of the land and waters bordering it. William B. Hoyt is an artist who not only knows and loves this area, but works and plays here frequently. Each of his canvases have an almost photographic quality. This attention to detail forces the viewer to lean in closer to experience every facet that forms the whole and becomes classic Maine.

William B. Hoyt on Sunset at Cuttyhunk – An Artist’s Choice

Hoyt is a wanderer and an adventurer. He has more stories to tell than most, and he remembers in details as vibrant as his canvases. It is rare to find him without a camera around his neck snapping these moments that just cannot be forgotten. An artist sees the world through different eyes, and Hoyt has trouble not stopping to capture each scene he may someday commit to paint. “Images are everywhere,” says Hoyt with a grin. As an outsider, it is difficult not to wonder if his need to stop and snap ever gets in the way. However, Hoyt laughs when asked about it. “It never gets in the way,” he says perplexed. “It is the way.”